34 minutes | Feb 15th 2020

3. Yvonne Schlaeppi and the Importance of Corporate Strategy

Yvonne Schlaeppi is passionate about corporate strategy, and she believes it’s one of the most important things a board can do for their company. Spending a significant amount of time on board work, across many companies and several continents, Yvonne is highly experienced and enthusiastic in her work as a board member. 

Having built a strong background working on boards in the U.S., UK and Europe, Yvonne shares her insight into the differences in boards across countries, how to navigate difficult decisions, and what we can learn from observing other boards in action. 


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Big Ideas 

Differences in structures and culture between U.S. and European boards. [08:27]

What we can learn from observing other boards. [22:31]



“I do believe that being more present and involved and learning more about the company and what it’s going through makes for a more effective board.” [05:45]

“Most boards would be well-served to spend more time on strategy, which is really where they can make their best contribution.”  [27:27]

“The baseline for good board practice is to ensure, as best as you can as a board member, that your board undertakes decision-making in a deliberative, prudential and reasoned way.”  [30:03]

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