74 minutes | Apr 27, 2020

Troubleshooting your Thyroid

Welcome! Today the Oil Docs, sisters & doctors Kelley and Kemmy, will help you troubleshoot your thyroid, taking a comprehensive, integrative approach. We'll deliver actionable information you will be able to utilize immediately. Exploring physical, chemical and emotional influences affecting the state of your thyroid, you'll love the expansive nature of this podcast. "Subscribe" to this podcast so you don't miss out on future episodes! Be sure to "like" Oil Docs Talk on Facebook as we'll be posting information you'll want to access pertaining to each podcast episode we release. Dr. Kelley's Troubleshooting your Thyroid checklist can be found on Oil Docs Talk's Facebook page so be sure to check it and start troubleshooting your thyroid today!  Xoxo,  Drs. Kelley and Kemmy 
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