62 minutes | Apr 27, 2020

Pets & Essential Oils: An Interview with Dr. Janet Roark, DVM ~ The Essential Oil Vet

Joining us today is the Essential Oil Vet~ Dr. Janet Roark, DVM. Dr. Janet is the proud owner of Hill Country Mobile Veterinarian Service in Austin, Texas. She graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinarian Medicine in 2005. Essential oils have literally changed her life forever, and because of that, she has to tell everyone she meets about them! Dr. Janet also sits on the first Essential Oil Veterinary Advisory Board at DoTERRA. In this episode, you'll feel Dr. Janet's passion shine through as she excited educates us on various topics. Wondering if Essential Oils are safe to use with and around your precious "fur-babies"? What are the top 5 oils you should be using daily to support your pets? Essential Oils for cats, yes or no? From tips for Essential Oil use on horses, cats and dogs, you'll learn tons of information here on this Podcast. Find Dr. Janet on Facebook as The Essential Oil Vet ~ Dr. Janet Roark, DVM and be sure to visit her webiste: http://essentialoilvet.com. Be sure to subscribe to her private group to get individualized, custom support for your pets.   
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