59 minutes | Apr 27, 2020

Get Oily! A Day in the Life of the Oil Docs

Essential oils, a $12 billion dollar global business, are the number one health trend taking over the world today. You'll find them at every store, even gas stations. With their psychological, pharmacological and physiological benefits, millions of people are turning towards this simple, powerful holistic health care approach.  In today's podcast, you'll learn information that will empower you to pick up that bottle of essential oil you've had for months, and use it. The key to using essential oils is to use them everyday and to be consistent in your usage.  Did you know every cell in our body has receptor sites to receive plant-based medicine in the form of essential oils? These incredible, therapeutic natural plant extracts were placed intentionally on this earth for use by other forms of life, including you and I. Their long and rich history, having been used for thousands of years in almost every culture, validates their efficacy and highlights the fact that pristine essential oils work in synergy with our body's innate healing ability, not against it. Chemically speaking, these complex essential oils have some of the most powerful healing benefits available to humans. It's no wonder pharmaceutical companies have used these plant-based miracles as the structural foundation to their chemical formulas they create in labs. The problem with these lab-created chemicals, although very effective under certain circumstances, is that they don't bind perfectly with our receptor sites as essential oils do, and therefore come with dozens of side effects. Turning towards essentials oils for supporting your health is life-changing, cost-effective and they smell great!
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