38 minutes | Nov 17, 2020

The Toledo War

All the wonders that come from our own Glass City (from Mud Hens baseball to Tony Packo's famous hot dogs) were once destined to spring forth from Michigan (gasp!) soil.  That's correct, by all rights legal and geographical, the city of Toledo and lands due west were once deemed within the borders of the fledging territory of Michigan.Then came along Benjamin Franklin Stickney, a savvy politician and land speculator.  After working to keep the peace in the wilds of northeast Indiana, he heard tell of a little canal project which was sure to open shipping lanes from Toledo to Ft. Wayne.  And the meddling began...Come hear the story of one author, Mr. Kenneth Dickson, who unearthed intriguing details of how one man's drive toward personal success led Ohio to take arms against neighboring Michiganders.This is one rivalry that existed long before football.  Some hard feelings remain.If you enjoy this episode, please rate, review and subscribe to Ohio Folklore on your chosen podcast platform.  You can also find Ohio Folklore at:ohiofolklore.comfacebook.com/ohiofolkloreAnd as always, keep wondering...For  more information on Kenneth Dickson's book, search Benjamin Franklin Stickney and the Maumee Valley
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