24 minutes | May 9, 2021

Dublin's "Cursed" Memorial Golf Tournament & The Legend of Chief Leatherlips

The crown jewel of professional golf in Ohio is the Memorial Tournament, held every spring at Dublin’s Muirfield Village Golf Club.  This renown course, designed by Jack Nicklaus himself, has long been rumored “cursed.”  More often than not, it seems, this storied contest suffers inclement weather, the kind of which leads to delays and shortened holes.  Is there any truth to this lore?  The allegation is that the spirit of long dead Chief Leatherlips of the Wyandotte Nation is not happy about the course’s location near his grave.  It’s said that he commands the heavens each year to plague the tournament once again.As is true with most Ohio Folklore episodes, the history behind the legend is more telling and profound than any supernatural claims.  Come hear the tale of one man, a Native leader, who inspired not only his people, but White settlers alike.  His example guides us yet today.  More than any golf game, or the weather on any given day in May, what matters is our integrity.  He died for his.If you enjoy this episode, please rate, review and subscribe on your chosen podcast platform.  You can also find Ohio Folklore at:Ohiofolklore.comFacebook.com/ohiofolkloreAnd as always, keep wondering…
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