45 minutes | Oct 3, 2021

Ceely Rose House at Malabar Farm State Park

Come hear an Ohio folktale that springs forth from true crime history.  The spirits of those murdered, and the murderess herself, is said to linger in this unassuming, modest farmhouse. It still stands in a state park.  You can walk up to the stoop for yourself and peek in the windows.  Perhaps the souls of those lost there yearn to have their story heard.   In 1896, Ceely Rose was a developmentally disabled young woman.  While her mind was underdeveloped, her heart craved the love of a romantic partner.  She wanted a family of her own, just as others her age were acquiring.   She would have it at any cost. Come hear the tales of one writer, Mr. Mark Sebastian Jordan, and his nearly lifelong interest in the story.  It inspired him to write a play and book on the subject.  It’s inspired countless others to ponder the meaning of this history, and the hauntings which continue, 125 years later. It seems Ceely is still looking for love… If you enjoy this episode, please rate, review and subscribe to Ohio Folklore on your chosen podcast platform.  You can find Ohio Folklore at  Ohiofolklore.comFacebook.com/ohiofolklore And as always keep wondering… Special thanks to Mark Sebastian Jordan for his contributions to today’s episode.  His book The Ceely Rose Murders at Malabar Farm can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/Ceely-Rose-Murders-Malabar-Crime/dp/1467146188/ref=sr_1_fkmr3_1?dchild=1&keywords=celia+rose+murders+mark+sebastian+jordan&qid=1633270527&sr=8-1-fkmr3
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