33 minutes | Mar 13, 2020

Track your time to enjoy life more ft. Laura Vanderkam

Time is money! But many of us know exactly where our money goes, but have no idea where our time goes. Once you know where the time goes, you can make changes that will help you spend more time on the things you value and less where you don’t (just like budgeting). Over on the Oh My Dollar! forums, we're doing a fun time tracking challenge, March of Time this month. We brought on the expert of experts on Time Tracking, Laura Vanderkam, to talk about tracking your time.  The ⏰⏳ March of Time Tracking Challenge started already, but it isn't too late to join and get stickers and reap the benefits of time tracking. Check out the transcript and the full show notes at ohmydollar.com  This episode was supported by our Purrsonal Finance Society members - help out for just $1 a month at http://ohmydollar.com/support Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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