46 minutes | May 16, 2018

43 - Learnings from three sporting codes and extreme marathons with sports business leader Nate Godfrey

As a high performing CEO, Nate Godfrey is on another level.
Not only has he been a sports business leader across AFL, soccer and now rugby, he has also run marathons on all seven continents in the world, including most recently Antarctica.
Nate always wanted to work in sport, and got his first break at the professional level as a Commercial Executive with the Adelaide Crows. He then returned to New Zealand, where he was born and raised, to head up commercial for Wellington Phoenix in the A-League. The progression continued when he won the top job at Canterbury Rugby Football Union, where he is now driving strategy in what is a tough time for the sport.
Nate talks about how he’s approaching the challenge, what he’s learned about sports business across the three codes, how his obsession with long distance running helps him in business, as well as many other insights about leadership and the commercial world of sport.
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