57 minutes | May 30th 2020

Episode 30 - Counter Attack Philosophy with Ethan Damato

You can help support this podcast by making a donation via PayPal.If you’re a coach, join our slack channel! The conversations are great and we have some webinars as well!Buy Fredric Durand’s book Water Polo Legends: 50 Amazing StoriesThank you to everyone that has taken the time to leave a review, send me an email or send me a tweet. It has truly meant the world to me!Remember you can reach me on twitter @stevecarrera and on instagram @stevecarrera and you can email me stevegcarrera@gmail.com************************************************************************************************************************Ethan Damato on Twitter2What is the add 2 drill?Pat Obrien3What’re your thoughts on backstroke’s place in the counter attack? Coaches often say that rolling onto your back for a few strokes could cause you to lose your advantage - do you think that’s true?Stephen Loomis4What are some ways that you teach athletes when to push and take risks finishing the CA and when to pull back and run a patient offensive set?Ian Davidson5Can you give some examples of goalie drills you utilize?Pat Obrien6You have an aside in your practice plan dedicated for goalies (but still has relevance to the objective). How much time are they spending focusing on their warm up/skills/passing before being added with the filed players? How much time would you reccommend having your goalies focus on what they need before coming into the fold?Elyssa Hawkins7How do you teach your athletes to read the differences/cues between reading Advantage Counterattack and Transition counter into half court?Connor Levoff8Do you have a preference about which post fills in first when setting up a 4-2, on a full 6 man counter?Anonymous Attendee9What are you thoughts on how to approach a game against another team that loves to push tempo (assuming youre a tempo pushing team too) - but they do it better (they beat you more / get more goals from counter)? Does this change your strategy in how you CA?Paul Splitt10Do you have strict parameters on the first outlet pass or do you let the players have freedom to make those decisions based on the situation?Carin Crawford11are there drills that you run to specifically focus on counter defense? or is this just taught naturally through the drill?Beth Harberts12Is Off the Deck on Spotify?Elyssa Hawkins
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