44 minutes | Apr 7, 2022

How to Step Up and Keep Moving with Isaiah Nuñez

A vision is the guiding force for any company.

But what happens when you encounter roadblocks to your vision?

Isaiah Nunez is the Creative Director and Founder of DomceptVisuals. He is also a videographer and a director, who has just begun to break into short films. He also hosts his own podcast called Kinda Not Scripted, which is a platform for other creators who are trying to break into their niche. Nunez says consistency, balance, and perspective are the three concepts that serve as the foundation on which his company is built. He takes a vision and builds on the emotional connection through the lens directly to the viewer.

In episode 8 of season 2 of OTC, Isaiah Nunez and our hosts discuss:

  • How to work your way around roadblocks to your company’s vision
  • The importance of establishing an emotional connection with your audience
  • The importance of community, or relying on others, when first establishing your brand or business
  • How podcasts give new business owners exposure when trying to establish themselves in their niche, but haven’t been “lucky” enough to be discovered
  • How to bounce back after you’ve encountered obstacles in your business
  • Having the courage to know when you need to take a step back as a business owner
  • How to establish boundaries with negative people, without burning bridges
  • The importance of hiring and delegating work to others so you don’t burn out
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