48 minutes | Dec 31st 2020

NFL Week 17 Preview: Figuring Out All The Scenarios

Former NFL scout Matt Manocherian (@mattmano) of Sports Info Solutions and football analytics pioneer Aaron Schatz (@FO_ASchatz) of Football Outsiders (@fboutsiders) take an in-depth look at the final week of the NFL regular season. Games they preview on a jam-packed show: Steelers–Browns (8:10) Titans-Texans (10:00) Bengals-Ravens (11:00) Colts –Jaguars (15:41) Cowboys-Giants (19:03) Washington-Eagles  (20:44) Packers-Bears (24:45) Cardinals-Rams (27:17) Matt then talks to Alex Vigderman (@VigManonCampus) about changes made to our flagship stat, Total Points, as relates to how it evaluates running backs.   Thanks for listening! You can email the show with feedback at offthecharts@sportsinfosolutions.com and don't forget to follow on Twitter @SportsInfo_SIS and Instagram @sportsinfosolutions. For more, check out: sportsinfosolutions.com footballoutsiders.com sportsinfosolutionsblog.com SISDataHub.com
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