26 minutes | Dec 1, 2019

Episode 1 - The Telemachy - Odyssey and Chill

Odyssey & Chill: This three-episode podcast will cover Homer’s epic The Odyssey. Whether you’re a student, professor, a literature or poetry fan, or even if you’re just curious about the piece, this podcast is for you. Listen to Sara and Darby on-the-go, as they take you through the plot of the poem and speak with classicists who’ve made their life’s work around it. It’s going to be epic! In each each episode, they summarize a few books and then discusses it with a fancy person. Episode 1 - The Telemachy (Telemachus’ adventures) In this episode, we summarize books 1-4 and then discuss the Odyssey with fancy-person Dr. Andromache Karanika, Associate Professor of Classics at UC Irvine. Join us for highlights & insights!
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