48 minutes | Jul 6th 2019

Pascale and Troy - sailing remote Australia in their 30’ Clansman

We join Troy and Pascale who are cruising remote Australia in their 30’ Clansman yacht called Mirrool. They left Perth in March 2017 and so far, have made it halfway around the continent traveling through the Kimberley, Arnhem Land, Torres Straits and Far North Queensland documenting their adventures along the way on their YouTube channel "Free Range Sailing" to over 59,000 subscribers.   They share their love for sailing and adventure including how they deal with the challenges of long term remote travel in their tiny floating home on a modest budget. It's a great YouTube blog for sailors who love camping, fishing, foraging, bushcraft and remote wilderness adventures. Troy and Pascale are a great example of buying a yacht to fit your budget and then setting off sailing and worrying about working out the detail along the way. They are an inspiring couple on the adventure of a lifetime.   Visit Ocean Sailing Podcast for offshore sailing opportunities and podcast extras and follow us on Facebook.
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