29 minutes | Jun 24th 2020

An Interview With Julie Murray, Maura Murray's Sister

It was a pleasure and honor to get to interview Julie Murray, Maura Murray's older sister. In this interview Patrick and Julie break down the "Disappeared" episode, go over some startling revelations, and Julie tells all about what was left out. Oh, and we get to the bottom of why Maura was drinking white Russians. We go IN on that mysterious phone call, the possible Maura sighting in New Hampshire, and what Julie thinks happened.

FAM!!! Patrick is going live on our Instagram page WITH MAURA’S SISTER JULIE!! It’s happening Thursday 6/25 at 6pm ET. Follow us at @TheDisappearedPod so you don’t miss it!! And submit your questions for Julie in the pinned post in our Facebook group: Obsessed With: Disappeared Podcast Discussion Group! See you Thursday!

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