35 minutes | Apr 8, 2021

Episode 5 - Part 1 - Family Law Then and Now: A Conversation with Alf Mamo

DescriptionCo-hosts Erin Fisher and Patrick Clancy are joined by prominent Family Lawyer Alfred Mamo.  Alf was called to the bar in 1972 and has had an incredible career across several sectors of the legal profession. Spanning almost 5 decades, Alf has kept a steadfast commitment to the protection of children’s rights and safety from representing young offenders to acting for children's aid societies.  Pat, Erin, and Alf discuss his childhood in post-war Malta, his family’s immigration to Canada and his journey to becoming an esteemed mediator and arbitrator of high conflict family law cases and a Fellow at the American College of Trial Lawyers.  Developments that have shaped the practice of family law throughout his storied career are discussed including one of his most notable past cases involving an in-the-news pastor and why this case is more relevant today than you would think. 
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