20 minutes | Feb 19, 2021

Episode 2 - Take the brief and be an advocate. Sitting down with John McNair

Join co-hosts Melissa Won and Patrick Clancy for a discussion with John McNair, a commercial litigator with over 35 years of experience, head of the firm’s litigation department, and former managing partner of McKenzie Lake Lawyers. John shares tales from his time as an international prosecutor in the Middle East and other interesting moments from his long, storied career.  John started out in criminal law on the defence side. He later became a Federal prosecutor working in narcotics. and a whole range of federal statutory prosecutions for a number of years. After practicing for 18 years, John took an opportunity to work in Bosnia with the Office of the High Representative–the sovereign legal authority in Bosnia.  This led to his role as an international prosecutor in Iraq working with a team of British detectives directing investigations of police corruption.    Learn how these exciting experiences contributed to John’s unique background and skillset.
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