70 minutes | Jun 25, 2019

12 / When Strengths turn into Weaknesses with Pat Matthews and Lorenzo Gomez

“When Strengths turn into Weaknesses” Kathy Kersten chats with Active Capital Founder, Pat Matthews and Geekdom Media CEO, Lorenzo Gomez about the tipping point when strengths can become weaknesses. Pat Matthews was a Co-founder of Webmail.us, that grew to $10M in sales and sold to Rackspace in 2007. Pat’s Top 5 Signature Themes are Maximizer, Activator, Command, Individualization, Relator. Lorenzo Gomez III is the Geekdom Media CEO, Co-Host of The Brand Brothers podcast and author of The Cilantro Diaries: Business Lessons from the Most Unlikely Places. Lorenzo’s Top 5 Signature Themes are Context, Restorative, Activator, Positivity, WOO. Kathy Kersten is the host of Obey Your Strengths, the podcast dedicated to fanning the flame of the Strengths movement one success story at a time. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach since 2008, Kathy has help 70+ organizations, hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals leverage individual’s strengths to increase performance. Kathy’s Top 5 Signature Themes are Strategic, Input, Learner, Belief, Maximizer. If you would like information on individual, team or organizational coaching, visit kathykersten.com. To discover your own strengths, visit gallupstrengthscenter.com. Instagram: @kathy.kersten Facebook: @obeyyourstrengths
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