93 minutes | Feb 10, 2021

The $1B Clubhouse – What is the Present and Future of Audio Social Networks?

We delve into Clubhouse – a new audio social network that’s grown dramatically in recent days thanks to visits by Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and more. What is it and what does the future of Clubhouse look like as competitors prepare to take on this new and fresh company with a >$1B valuation. Hear first-hand comments on use of competitor Twitter Spaces, along with thoughts on the role of Facebook and LinkedIn in this space.

Experts who share the virtual stage this episode include John Kapos (Small Business Social Media Thought Leader - Australia), Mark Derricutt (NZ Podcast Pioneer), James Cridland (Podcast/Audio Futurist - Podnews), Rob Greenlee (VP Content and Partnerships, Libsyn) – along with host Paul Spain (Futurist and Technologist)


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