45 minutes | Jun 12, 2019

Helping students win in Nutrition + passing along the legacy!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and Angela Collene (The Ohio State University) as they talk about how to help students win in Nutrition. Angela and Jim have a conversation about Gordon Wardlaw, how she started teaching, using ROCK and ROLL in the classroom, teaching tips for your class. You will learn about Angela's favorite topics (digestion and nutrition through the life cycle) and so much more! Angela talks about the three areas where students struggle and some fun strategies to help them! Digital Assets talked about on this show: NutritionCalc Plus, Assess My Diet, Connect Nutrition, Tegrity A special shout out to Lynn Breithaupt (McGraw-Hill Education) for being awesome! Thank you to the awesome legacy pass along by Gordon Wardlaw- I wish that I could have met him and his class would have been FUN! 
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