24 minutes | Jan 3, 2021

#6: Healthy Steps Nutrition Framework: Exercise

Today, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman discuss the fifth pillar of the Healthy Steps Nutrition Framework: Exercise.

I recently conducted a poll, what is easier to get started -- a nutrition or fitness routine? Over 90% said that exercise was easier.

If you think about it, this week is historically the busiest week for gyms worldwide. People are motivated to finally see the results they are looking to join a gym.

Here's the problem, they don't have the coaching, and they don't have the accountability to stick with it. That's the reason why over 80% of people have ditched their resolutions and stopped going to gyms by the second week in February.

In this episode, Ashley and Nicole discuss: - The importance of exercise - The importance of finding something you like - How to build exercise into your routine

Our mission is to empower 4k people in January to ditch the all or nothing mentality and take control of their health one step by listening to this podcast.

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