26 minutes | Sep 8, 2021

#36: Nutrition, Hormones & Your Health

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Amanda Haar discuss nutrition, hormones, and your health! Amanda Haar is a registered dietitian at Healthy Steps Nutrition who specializes in hormone and women's health.

There are four main things that influence your hormone health. In this episode, Amanda discusses each of these four things and one actionable tip you can take to improve each.

We work with so many clients at HSN HQ diagnosed with POCS or hypothyroidism and struggle to lose weight or get pregnant. Amanda works with them to optimize hormone health naturally through nutrition.

Be sure to listen in for those actionable tips and the recap at the end!

If you are looking for a registered dietitian to create a customized nutrition plan with you, click the link in the show notes and apply for coaching today!


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