56 minutes | Jan 21, 2016

Moving into the Heart and Loosening the Mind's Grip

I recently experienced two small moments of bliss; one inner, heart-induced; the other one external, mind-driven and sports-related. br The heart-induced occurrence was mild and very gentle; the mind-driven was noisy and all-consuming. br Simultaneously,I came upon this lovely channeled message where Mary Magdalene addresses the issue of the Divine Masculine supporting the Divine Feminine. My experience and Mary Magdalene’s words seem to come together so harmoniously that I want to share this bit of my journey with you. br It begins with understanding the necessity, value and importance of the Feminine. This is a healing process in your world because the Feminine has been greatly devalued. For this healing to occur, your world must come out of the place where so much has been confined to the mind, which is the Masculine. For some of you, this is easier. For some, this is harder. Knowing most of you have received tremendous training and enculturation to live in and from your mind.
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