48 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

This Nurse Practitioner is promoting Self-care in Healthcare - Ep. 95

Dr. Vanessa Kasper, started in healthcare as a teenager working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, she became a Registered Nurse in intensive care, and is now a doctoral-prepared Nurse Practitioner in primary care.  Each Wednesday she brings the Dose of Support Podcast to life where she shares stories of  self-care in healthcare! Please join me here, and follow me on social media, Instagram, and Facebook. Join the Nurses on Fire Community and get access to resources to guide you on the path to Financial Freedom.Oh and please subscribe and leave a review on whatever app you're using to stream this podcast. Get results by taking action:Listen to the Dose of Support PodcastJoin the Dose of Support community on Facebook and InstagramWork with our financial partners….Get the student loan plan that could have saved me $80kFigure out if your retirement plan is optimized for you. Stay connected:Get my book Smart MoneyGet a text when I’m LIVE on ClubhouseJoin the NOF Facebook groupTo read the full show notes, visit https://www.financiallyintentional.com/podcastPlease share this podcast with friends, family, and colleagues
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