32 minutes | Feb 11, 2021

This Nurse is the Super CRNA - Ep. 84

A native to Atlanta Georgia, bred and born in southeast Atlanta.  Everett Moss II began his career with the City of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department.  After developing a passion for the medical field, he chose to leave fire service and pursue the field of nursing.  Along the way, he began flying full-time as a life flight paramedic.  Upon completion of nursing school, he worked in various roles and has been committed to professional development and advances in medical knowledge.Please join me here, and follow me on social media, Instagram, and Facebook. Join the Nurses on Fire Community and get access to resources to guide you on the path to Financial Freedom.Oh and please subscribe and leave a review on whatever app you're using to stream this podcast. Get results by taking action:Get The Super CRNA BookLearn more about the author of the Super CRNA book, Crystal GrantFollow Everett on InstagramLearn more about Everett from his website Work with our financial partners….Get the student loan plan that could have saved me $80kFigure out if your retirement plan is optimized for you. Stay connected:Join the NOF Facebook groupTo read the full show notes, visit https://www.financiallyintentional.com/podcastPlease share this podcast with friends, family, and colleagues
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