69 minutes | Jan 28, 2021

This Nurse Coaches Nurses Looking To Enter Into The Biopharmaceutical Industry - Ep. 82

Dr. Latora has over 26 years of Nursing experience. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Grambling State University. Then went on to earn two additional degrees from Grambling; a Bachelor's of Arts in Sociology and Masters of Public Administration (specialization Health Administration). Dr. Latora found her passion in healthcare for improving the lives of others by using her healthcare knowledge to also serve in the community. To further her education journey she earned her Ph.D. in Public Health (specialization Community Education and Health Promotion), from Walden University. Dr. Latora is the founder of ECLIPSE Health Consultants LLC. Where she coaches Nurses and other Allied Health professionals seeking to transition into the biopharmaceutical industry.Please join me here, and follow me on social media, Instagram and Facebook. Join the Nurses on Fire Community and get access to resources to guide you on the path to Financial Freedom.Oh and please subscribe and leave a review on whatever app you're using to stream this podcast. Get results by taking action:Work with Dr. Latora to get your started in your new career in BioPharmacueticals Get Dr. Latora’s free ebook “Presence ~ Provision ~ Peace An introduction to Centering Prayer Meditation Practice”email her to request at thenursedociszen@gmail.com Work with our financial partners….Get the student loan plan that could have saved me $80kFigure out if your retirement plan is optimized for you. Stay connected:Join the NOF Facebook groupTo read the full show notes, visit https://www.financiallyintentional.com/podcastPlease share this podcast with friends, family and colleagues
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