45 minutes | Mar 25, 2021

Not Proud Of Our Behavior #2 Aurora Eggert & Sean Dustin

This is a collaboration with Aurora Eggert the host of "The Borealis Experience" and Sean Dustin the host of the "Nowhere To Go But Up" podcast. * A few weeks ago Aurora and myself were recording an episode for her show with me as the guest. After finishing recording we decided that we since we have both been abusive people in our past relationships that this would be the perfect opportunity to team up and start a series about abusive behavior. It isn't often that you find a female that is willing to speak on being abusive in their past relationships. It is also not often that you find a male that is willing to openly talk about their role they played in being abusive.  * This type of behavior is usually buried in shame, guilt, and embarrassment so it rarely gets talked about outside the walls of a therapists office. The type of abuse that is displayed by women in relationships isn't usually physical in nature but more mentally and emotionally charged. A lot of the time when a man is abusive it plays out in mental, emotional, and physical forms of abuse. * We hope that this conversation and the ones to come will help people out there that are being abusive, have been abusive, or have been affected by an abusive person to understand why this behavior even exists in ourselves and other people. We hope to bring on licensed professionals to talk about the different types of abuse and why they happen as well as current/former abusive people and people that have been affected by abusive behavior. * If you fit into this category and would like to tell us your story or appear on the show as a guest feel free to reach out through email to nowheretogobutupnow@gmail.com and we will read your story on the show. You can remain anonymous in either scenario writing your story or appearing as a guest. Thank you for listening. * * Here is where you can find Aurora: * Podcast: https://auroraeggert.buzzsprout.com/ * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dawn.roschen * CLUBHOUSE:  @auroraeggert * Here is where you can find Sean Dustin: * Linktree: * https://linktr.ee/Nowheretogobutup * CLUBHOUSE:  @seandustin * To support the show through Patreon: * https://www.patreon.com/user?u=19859993 * You can also tip me through PayPal: * www.paypal.com * recipient: nowheretogobutupnow@gmail.com * The Cash App: * https://cash.app/ * Recipient: $nwtgbupod * Show Notes Writer: Sean Dustin * *
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