77 minutes | May 16, 2021

#131 Comedian & Regular On The Jimmy Dore Show, Ron Placone!!

In this episode I bring on Ron Placone who is a comedian that I am a fan of. I saw that Ron was on my friend Tiffany Werner's podcast so I reached out to her and asked if she could make an introduction. I became a fan of Ron's through watching his appearances on "The Jimmy Dore Show". I really like his commentary and his perspectives on progressive policies and politics. I really appreciate his straight forward way of calling out politicians along with Jimmy Dore. * A little bit about Ron: * Ron Placone is a comedian. He appears regularly on The Jimmy Dore Show and has been seen on CrossTalk, TMZ, FreeSpeechTV, The Young Turks, Redacted Tonight and more. His debut album, “Agnostic Holiday” is in rotation on SiriusXM. He hosts the YouTube show/podcast, Get Your News On With Ron. * * You can find Ron here: * Website: https://www.ronplacone.com/ * * THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY: * This episode of the podcast is being sponsored by the book "Get Past Your Sh*t" - https://amzn.to/2RKsP8o . This book is available by paper back or Kindle. It was written by Kelly McCausey who is a friend and a podcaster too. * Kelly takes a stand that you can get past your fears, insecurities and tough circumstances. She knows hearing other people's stories is motivating so she recruited brave friends to tell theirs. * If you're waiting for fears, insecurities and touch circumstances to go away before you move towards a better life, you'll wait forever. It's time to get past your shit * Claim a free chapter and coaching program at: https://getpastyourshit.com/ * * Here are the links to the May 22nd event I'm speaking at: * We Got This Speaker Summit – May 22, 2021 – http://WeGotThisMVMT.club/ Purchase ticket via my personal link https://wegotthismovement.ticketspice.com/we-got-this-speaker-summit-may-22-2021/?registrants.source=SEANDUSTIN * * Here is the link to the June 5-6th free event that I am speaking at: * Website: https://backfrombrokensummit.com/ * * If you are getting value out of the content that I'm creating; You can buy me a coffee here: * https://www.buymeacoffee.com/pozapoze * * If you like the streaming platform that I am using called StreamYard use the link below to sign up with and receive a $10 credit when you spend your first $25 on an upgraded account. I will get a credit as well and that of course will help the show. * StreamYard Affiliate Link: https://streamyard.com?pal=5045291231739904 * * Here is where you can find Sean Dustin: * Email: nowheretogobutupnow@gmail.com * Linktree: * https://linktr.ee/Nowheretogobutup * CLUBHOUSE: @seandustin * To support the show through Patreon: * https://www.patreon.com/user?u=19859993 * You can also tip me through PayPal: * www.paypal.com * recipient: nowheretogobutupnow@gmail.com * The Cash App: * https://cash.app/ * Recipient: $nwtgbupod * Show Notes Writer: Sean Dustin * *  
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