65 minutes | Mar 21, 2021

#119 Chad Marks Got His Drug Conviction Reduced From 40 To 20 Years, Come Hear How...

In this episode I am having a conversation with Chad Marks. I have been circling the same spaces as Chad for the last year and have mutual acquaintances. Chad has done some hard time in the past in one of the toughest maximum security federal prisons in the system. Below is a bio that will tell you a little about him and his story. * I got a link to Chad's new YouTube show from one of my subscribers on Patreon. So I checked it out and was amazed that this was the 1st episode. The raw and real message that was being broadcast and painted for the viewers. His flow, speech, personality, talent and authenticity are what drew me into this show. I'm a fan now! * Chad is doing great work as a paralegal, Criminal justice reform activist, and an author. The purpose driving this show is, to save kids from a life of imprisonment and premature death in the streets through our stories. Make sure you check out new show direct link below. * * Chad's Bio: * Chad Marks is a 42 year-old author, criminal justice reform activist, and educator. At the age of 24 years old he was sentenced to a 40-year federal mandatory minimum in prison for his involvement in a non-violent drug crime. * During his over 17 years in some of the most dangerous federal prisons in the United States. Chad became known as the "Lawyer" by both staff and prisoners. He learned the law chasing a dream - to one day have a chance to reclaim his own life While pursuing his own freedom as a "Jail House Lawyer" Chad was able to secure the release or reduction in sentences through the courts for other prisoners. * Law was not the only thing he did in prison. He taught the men around him to read and write. He also dedicated his time to teaching Alternative to Violence Project Seminars, Leaders Breed Leaders, and tutoring college students behind the walls, and many other rehabilitative programs. * In 2019 Chad wrote a prose motion that he filed to court that eventually led to his 40-year sentence being reduced from 40 years to 20 years. The federal sentencing judge that based on Chad's rehabilitation which included earning a college degree, and changes in the law, that he deserved that second chance to reclaim his life - the dream that he had been chasing had become his reality * On June 25, 2020 the gates that Chad had heard slam so many times locking him in, slammed behind him this time letting him out. * Today Chad works as a paralegal for Freedom Fighters & Prison Consultants. He also the owner of FEL$CON a business that provides service to prisoners across the country. Chad's life mission is to be the voice of the voiceless that are serving grotesque sentences that deserve the same opportunity that he now has. * * Here is where you can find Chad: * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chad.marks.391/ * Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChadMarks14 * YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2BfsAN7eb-76zlPmVbetgQ * First Episode of Blood on the Razor Wire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA4JxQh35kU * Chad's Book "Blood on the Razor Wire": A Prison Memoir: * https://www.amazon.com/.../ref=cm_sw_r_fm_api_glt_fabc... * * Book Suggestion: The Bible * Podcast Suggestions: * * Buy Me A Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/pozapoze * * Please Help Support My Vision Here: * If you like what I'm doing and creating and have been wondering how you can get involved and help support my vision. Head over to my Patreon page and check out the perks & benefits you receive by becoming a monthly subscriber. You can also learn more about the nonprofit organization that my team and I are building for transitional age youth in my county that are re-entering the community from incarceration. As a subscriber you would be helping to build and support my ability to work on this project full time, while still being able to bring you the engaging content that you enjoy listening to or watching. * https://www.patreon.com/user?u=19859993&fan_landing=true * * If you like the streaming platform that I am using called StreamYard use the link below to sign up with and receive a $10 credit when you spend your first $25 on an upgraded account. I will get a credit as well and that of course will help the show. * StreamYard Affiliate Link: https://streamyard.com?pal=5045291231739904 * * Live-Stream Links: * Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/608082120110238/videos/786967078888407 * YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JKBVK_5l_A * * Here is where you can find Sean Dustin: * Linktree: * https://linktr.ee/Nowheretogobutup * CLUBHOUSE: @seandustin * To support the show through Patreon: * https://www.patreon.com/user?u=19859993 * You can also tip me through PayPal: * www.paypal.com * recipient: nowheretogobutupnow@gmail.com * The Cash App: * https://cash.app/ * Recipient: $nwtgbupod * Show Notes Writer: Sean Dustin * *
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