26 minutes | Sep 14th 2020

Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Online Course with Spotlight Guest: Wedding Planner and Course Creator Bettina Benizri

Kenny and Julie explore the ins and outs of using a course to plan your wedding day with Bettina Benizri of Busy Bee Events. She shares a few things you must keep in mind for your wedding day including the 3 things you must do first when planning your wedding (plus one of the easiest ways to save money on the big day). 



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1:59 How Bettina got her business where it is today

3:54 Why she started her online course

7:42 Services that Busy Bee Events offers

11:33 Pricing disparities within the wedding industry

18:37 Course overview

20:30 The first 3 steps couples should take when planning their wedding

25:50 Why everyone needs a planner for their wedding

28:54 Destination weddings

32:35 Weddings during hurricanes and tropical storms

37:14 How her course differs from virtual planning

46:18 Wedding planning during the pandemic

48:24 What it looks like to work with Busy Bee Events

55:28 Conclusion of her services and course

01:05:27 Recap



“You hired us to take care of everything so you can enjoy your day and not have to think about a thing.”

“Sometimes people start wedding planning the wrong way and that’s why I created the online course.”

“My intent was to help more brides and grooms plan their weddings correctly.”

“You can save so much money simply by having less people at your wedding.”