27 minutes | Mar 17, 2019

22 - How I Healed From The Pain of The Unthinkable.....

Suicide... The unspoken pain that leads to this final decision and all the relational wreckage it creates, is imaginable. Yet, this occurs sadly every single day all around this globe. Why, is this ever an option? Who would actually go through with this selfish and senseless thought? Is it possible to heal after an explainable loss like this? These amongst many are real questions families face when suicide snatches the life of loved ones. How about when it also cost other people their lives. Typing this is as painful as you might feel right now from that unthinkable thought. I could list a thousand statistics and news headlines, but I have something more powerful. We have a brave woman who is courageous enough to share her journey from agony to victory. Lory did not have to imagine this, it was her reality when in just one day she lost her daughter and two grandkids to suicide. The power, peace, faith, hope, and grace she speaks from is admirable. I promise you this story will not make you cry of sadness, it will inspire you with hope and confidence in the one that holds us all together.  More About Lory:  Along with her husband and best friend, Bruce, Lory enjoys life in the Sauk Prairie area of Wisconsin alongside their teenage daughter and six-year-old grandson. Their two adult children live in Wisconsin. They have eight grandchildren. Lory is a grateful Veteran Home Educator, Author, Advocate, Social Entrepreneur, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Herbalist, and Speaker with an engaging and interactive flare. Lory enjoys her time with her family, fires inside, kayaking, hiking, photography, an honest compliment and the art of aromatherapy.  Her lived experience offers a rich resource in overcoming ugly tragedies to become the influence for healing others. Above all else, Lory brings the passionate belief anyone can overcome, and all should! Lory Seffrood is adamant about teaching women to overcome trauma, emotional loss, and disordered eating. Overcoming her own severely traumatic childhood, dangerously violent early adult years, and an active eating disorder. For thirteen years, Lory has a unique perspective to help women who have a desire to overcome their past, find real and lasting freedom from the effects of trauma, and become change agents in their spheres of influence.  This is the recipe for literally changing the world.  Lory believes, “Giving back is the lifeblood of my recovery. Lory has co-authored two books, Victory Smells Like Chocolate; an anorexics guide to great desserts and Victory Curriculum; an advance leader guide in the art of the ah-ha.  These books are being used by small groups across the country as a catalyst to girls and women seeking freedom from disordered eating. She is the first woman in Wisconsin to become a Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist hired by Sauk County as a Crisis Team member with the Medication Assisted Treatment Program with the Department of Human Services.  Lory has co-founded, Sauk County’s first peer to peer sober drop-in center for those in substance use recovery. She also serves on the Sauk County Recovery Coalition as an advocate for many in the recovery community. Lory facilitates a peer to peer traumatic and stigmatized grief support group called HOPE as a part of her service on the HOPE Sauk Prairie Suicide Prevention Coaltion. After the loss of her daughter and grandchildren, she has invested her grief in others by installing hope in the the heartbreak of others. Instagram: revolutionary_hearts Facebook: werevolutionaryhearts
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