54 minutes | May 5, 2021

Get Your Dreams in the Air and Let Them Soar

May is a good time to pause and refocus on the dreams, goals, and desires that we have in our lives. We want to be people who set goals and make our dreams happen! During the month of May, we’re likening our life to flying a kite and learning how to lean into the wind to help our dreams rise to great heights. On today's show, Karen will talk to two women who have a passion for getting dreams off the ground and into the air. Listen in as Karen talks with Ariel Bickel and Leslie Zann about their personal strategies for keeping their kites in the air, as well as the ways they empower others to do the same. As always, you can find our host, Karen Wright, online at https://shinenowornever.com. Our guests are also online, Ariel at www.arielbickel.com and Leslie at http://lesliezann.com.
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