65 minutes | Feb 9, 2018

Ep 11: Godfather Sexual Healing All Willy Nilly

Splizz immune system was Benedict Arnold. Regardless, Chelcha and Barry Black held it down to discuss the Patriots loss in the Super Bowl, Malcolm Butler not playing in the big game, Keeping that same energy regardless of friends or fanship and the likelihood of growing old as Quincy Jones to expose ya dead homies who are in the grave. Quincy Jones was letting it all out. Imagine our favorite songs coming from Marlon Brando sexual seductions among other men he hung out with. Shout out to Richard Pryor widow who put him out there too.  For everyone looking to show love to Now or Later podcast on our steady plan to make you smarter individuals, you can support us by donating to at patreon.com/noworlaterpodcast and receive rewards and shout out. Even interviews.  Thanks you Enjoy!
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