7 minutes | Oct 6, 2020

13 Edwin vd Walt - Practical tool to prep for acting role, character diary & personal stories

Edwin van der Walt is an award-winning actor and the Co-Founder of NovieGuide. In this episode he shares his personal technique to develop a character, how listening with ALL our senses is the most important acting tool and personal stories. - Listening - First Instincts - Character Diary Edwin would love to connect with you - What’s your biggest challenge as an actor/actress during this season? Where, or about what, do you feel uncertain in your acting craft? The more we know about what your current challenges are the more we can equip you with tools to overcome them. Please comment below or email Edwin at novieguide@noivieguide.com. Join the Tribe www.novieguide.com Become The Best Version Of Yourself
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