8 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

11 Edwin van der Walt - Self-doubt in auditions

Edwin van der Walt is an award-winning actor and the Co-Founder of NovieGuide. How To Become Better At Auditioning Do you self-doubt your audition skills? Your acting abilities? Even to the degree where it might compromise your performance and chances of getting the role? Edwin get practical and share his personal stories and tips and tools for auditions in this short-form podcast episode. Unlock unforgettable performances by trying these practical tools for your next audition. From personal experience, Edwin knows that self-doubt voice that creeps in right before auditions, but he believes that when we keep on trying new ways to become better, it helps us to optimise our chances of getting that role and giving exceptional performances on film. Edwin would love to connect with you - What’s your biggest challenge as an actor/actress during this season? Where, or about what, do you feel uncertain in your acting craft? The more we know about what your current challenges are the more we can equip you with tools to overcome them. Please comment below or email Edwin at novieguide@noivieguide.com. Join the Tribe www.novieguide.com Become The Best Version Of Yourself
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