19 minutes | Oct 10, 2018

Fearless: Run For Yourself with Stephanie Wright - Part 1

Today's guest, Stephanie Wright, discusses how running has helped her become fearless. Stephanie talks about the positive role it has played in her life, how her running program is uniquely hers and we touch on the positive role that running plays in mental health. Taped live during the September Work From the Brew House event at Lake Anne Brew House. Part 1 of a 2 part episode. Look for part 2 next Wednesday...or if you would like to receive it early, sign up at https://novaweekendwarriors.com/podcast and I will send it out this weekend. Connect with Stephanie and Eye of The Heart (EOTH): https://facebook.com/eotherizehttps://instagram.com/eotherizeWork From the Brew House, the First Friday of Each Month at Lake Anne Brew House at Lake Anne Plaza in Reston VA: https://lakeannebrewhouse.com/Special Thanks to today's episode sponsor, Denise Rodriguez of DR House Realty:https://drhouserealty.com https://facebook.com/drhouserealty------This episode first appeared at https://massagetherapybymeg.com/podcast and https://novaweekendwarriors.com/podcast
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