56 minutes | May 18th 2018

Ep. 42- Releasing the Shame Around Menstruation, Honoring and Supporting Our Cycles with Food, and Cultivating Feminine Energy with Devon Loftus

Today’s episode features a very special guest- Devon Loftus, and we are so thrilled to have her on the podcast today. Devon is the founder and creative mind behind the Washington based company- Moon Cycle Bakery.

In today’s episode, we discuss the way women can collectively work to release the shame and stigma around our menstrual cycles, and how we can take something from being shameful to being sacred. Devon talks about how we can honor different times of our cycle despite our often fast paced lifestyle. We discuss having compassion with ourselves and allowing ourselves to practice self care and evolve without attaching judgment to it. We discuss fostering and cultivating our feminine energy and the importance of this. Devon discusses nutrients and foods to support our hormonal cycle and how food can support both our physical and our emotional selves.

Devon’s heart behind Moon Cycle Bakery goes hand with our mission at Nourishing Minds Nutrition- to shed the stigma around period talk, to educated women about their cycles, and to empower them with body literacy.

Moon Cycle Bakery was founded on the belief that women deserve to feel heard, seen and gifted during a time of the month that isn’t always pretty. Devon has reclaimed cravings during the female cycle from diet culture by reminding us that cravings are a indication of what our bodies need and that they should be honored.

Devon has merged soul nourishing foods, with body nourishing foods. Each treat is designed with ingredients that are supportive of our natural hormonal fluctuations. They provide a beautiful way to partner with our bodies and too cultivate our natural female intuition.

If you want to learn more about Moon Cycle Bakery, go to Mooncyclebakery.com. There you can learn about each treat, the ingredients, and how they will support you and your body. Go to the order now tab to Order Now tab to sign up and receive your first batch of decedent treats.


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