34 minutes | Oct 5, 2021

NTM 328: When respectfully parenting babies raises eyebrows

When family and other care-givers to our children have come from times and conditioning involving ‘doing to’ babies, rather than collaborating with your baby in a co-created experience, how do we meet the needs of all involved? What does it look like to lay the foundation for respectful communication with our children?   In this episode we discuss: the jarring meeting point of different parenting views and experiences getting clear on what’s important to you having hard conversations with loved ones the value of sportscasting your child’s experience focusing on loving your family with deeper compassion and guiding them into parenting alongside you   To connect with Julie and experience Honey Club, visit http://www.julietenner.love DISRUPT: Revealing The Mother Wound is your opportunity to delve deeper on all things ‘The mother’, visit http://www.bridgetwood.life The post NTM 328: When respectfully parenting babies raises eyebrows appeared first on The Wellness Couch.
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