53 minutes | Jan 26, 2021

The Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill

This week on Nourish by MN350, volunteer host Rory Coleman discusses the Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill with fellow Food Systems volunteer and author of the bill, Marita Bujold. They are joined by MN350’s very own Sam Grant, who discusses MN350’s campaign to support the bill, as well as MN350’s mission to address climate justice in the food system, transportation and divestment from fossil fuels. The Headwaters Bill is a visionary piece of legislation that will create and maintain a decentralized food web economy across the state: a source-to-table model that's actually designed to meet the demands of food, water and climate. This wide-ranging conversation explains the many ways in which the publicly-funded industrial food system fails our communities - extractive of the earth, and destroying the health of ecosystems and communities - especially communities of color. Marita and Sam offer examples of North Minneapolis community members and organizations whose work has shifted food policy, and given people access to land and healthy food. Together, they put forth a vision in which, through investment in rural and urban communities, it is possible to create a food system that can sequester carbon as well as a point of connection and healing across Minnesotan communities.Organizations Mentioned in this episode Northside FreshAppetite for ChangeBreaking Bread CafeNorth Minneapolis Farmers MarketHomegrown Minneapolis Food CouncilFinland Food ChainFull episode transcript available here.Support the show (https://mn350action.org/become-a-member/?sourceid=1021363)
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