47 minutes | Dec 1, 2020

I'd Call it 'Stewardship'

Is the practice of agriculture an immediate detriment to the land if it forces a crop to grow in a non-native habitat? Is sustainable agriculture really the goal if it merely sustains mediocrity? In this episode of Nourish, host Terry Hokenson continues the conversation about regenerative agriculture with two inspiring caretakers of the Earth, who share their knowledge on indigenous ways of growing food that focuses on healing the land and all life that depends on Her. Francis Bettelyoun (Oglala Lakȟóta-Očhéthi Šakówiŋ) is Coordinator of the Native American Medicine Gardens at the University of Minnesota and co-creator of Buffalo Star People Healing Circles, which provides transformational education and healing for adult survivors of childhood traumas and abuses. Jessika Greendeer is a Farm Manager with Dream of Wild Health: a 10-acre farm in Hugo, MN where urban Native American communities reconnect with traditional Native plants and their culinary, medicinal and spiritual uses. Together, Jessica and Francis acknowledge each other’s work throughout their individual healing journeys and inspire listeners to get in touch with their own land-based cultures to discover their own ancestral seeds.Full episode transcript available here.Support the show (https://mn350action.org/become-a-member/?sourceid=1021363)
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