65 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

Headwaters: For Bees and For People

This week on Nourish by MN350 volunteer host and author of the Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill, Marita Bujold, welcomes LaChelle Cunningham and Erin Rupp for a conversation that reveals the connection between the essential labor of bees and the racially-just, resilient food economy we need to nurture health and well-being of all our communities.LaChelle is a chef, educator, and the founder of the Healthy Roots Institute who began her culinary career by launching Chelle’s Kitchen in 2012 and soon after was recognized for her creativity and social justice work as the founding Executive Chef of the Breaking Bread Café in North Minneapolis. In 2018, LaChelle began building the Healthy Roots Institute with a mission to focus on healing and social justice through food education, culinary arts, and entrepreneurship.Erin is an educator, beekeeper and founded Pollinate Minnesota in 2015 to connect community members of all ages to the science, policy and media story of pollinator decline. Throughout the conversation, a common thread emerges: the direct link between the health of pollinators and the health of our communities, and the crucial need to create a robust, just food economy designed to nurture and maintain that connection. This is the economy created by the Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill. MN350 Action is actively promoting this bill as a strategic climate solution.* Listeners will not want to miss this compelling conversation with LaChelle and Erin-two remarkable leaders whose stories reveal invaluable insights that we need understand to create the just, resilient food economy we need to care for bees and people. * MN350 Action is excited to announce that the House Select Committee on Racial Justice Report to the Legislature recommends supporting the economic resiliency program created by the Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill. (Environmental Justice. p.43) Full episode transcript available here.Support the show (https://mn350action.org/become-a-member/?sourceid=1021363)
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