57 minutes | Jan 12, 2021

Architects of Our Own Destinies

This week on Nourish by MN350, host Barbara Norblom talks urban agriculture in Minneapolis with a whole smorgasbord of guests. Today’s show includes poet Michael Chaney of Project Sweetie Pie, a nonprofit teaching youth in North Minneapolis how to grow and sell their own food; Hindolo Pokawa from Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy, which provides education, childcare, and trainings in sustainable farming based on generations-old methods; and DeVon Nolen, who is both part of the Northside Fresh team and a former Chair of the Homegrown Minneapolis Food Policy Council, a citywide initiative expanding our community’s ability to grow, process, distribute, eat and compost more healthy, sustainable, locally grown foods.  Our guests discuss how they learned about and got started in urban farming, the missions of their organizations, and their visions and solutions for healing our broken food system.Full episode transcript available here.Support the show (https://mn350action.org/become-a-member/?sourceid=1021363)
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