58 minutes | May 25, 2021

A Healing Path

This week on Nourish by MN350, volunteer host and architect of the Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill (HF1332/SF1580), Marita Bujold, welcomes two members of the Red Lake Nation, Robert Blake and David Manuel. Robert is the founder and director of Solar Bear and Native Sun Community Power.*David Manuel co-directs the tribe’s food sovereignty initiative. Together with their community, they are pursuing local energy and food sovereignty as a pathway to climate resiliency and freedom from the extractive fossil fuel and industrial food economies imposed by colonization.Armed with a fierce commitment to care for Turtle Island (earth) and guided by traditional native wisdom, this community is collaborating with other tribal communities to create a promising, healing and enduring future.Our listeners cannot fail to be inspired by the courageous leadership and transformative, local energy and food economy being shaped by Robert, David and our brothers and sisters of the Red Lake Nation. *Solar Bear is the first native-owned solar installation company. Native Sun Community Poweris a native run, non-profit organized to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and a just transition through education, workforce training and demonstration.Learn how the economy created by the Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill. (HF1332/SF1580) will yield abundant sources of food, clean water, capture carbon and nurture the health and well being of all communities. https://www.justfoodandwater.org/video-just-food-and-waterTake heart. By following the proven leaders, our communities can create the resilient food economy we need for living sustainably.  https://justfoodandwater.org/video-leadership-definedRead a one page description of the economic resiliency programCTA join MN350 Action’s campaignListen to MN350 Nourish podcast Support the show (https://mn350action.org/become-a-member/?sourceid=1021363)
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