17 minutes | May 22nd 2015

Why Social Media Marketing? – Drive-By Marketing Podcast

“Why should we bother with social media marketing? We have a website and most of our business comes from Word of Mouth. We’re actually a profitable and very successful local company. Isn’t this just another expense?” I hear questions like that a lot, and it’s easy to empathize with small business owners who can see social media as just another drain on their already tight time and financial resources. In the video and audio below I cover 5 reasons why you’re small business needs to be engaged on social media. Here’s the TL;DR (Too Long Didn’t Read) version for those of you can’t watch or listen right now: You don’t really have a choice. Your competition is online an engaging your customers because that’s where your customers are!By interacting with your customers online you increase customer loyalty and brand recognition, with added benefit of providing a better customer experience.You can find out what your customers want and use that information to provide a better product or service.Every post on social media is an opportunity for another sale or conversion, and social media has higher lead-to-close rates that outbound marketing.Decreased Marketing Costs. For as little as 1 hour a day and very little cost you can significantly increase your traffic and as a result, conversions.It’s great for your Search Engine Rankings (SEO). Honestly, it’s not a matter if you should be engaged in social media marketing, it’s only about how  well you commit to doing it.
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