56 minutes | Jul 18th 2017

She Should Have Flown United – Nothing Serious Podcast #118

Flat Earth conspiracy theories, the excitement in science, Mike Pence vs the Internet, Ann Coulter vs Delta, rocks with religious writing vs Atheist car windows, and Bill Gates vs money. Doctor Who fans should stay tuned after the episode for some bonus content about the first female Doctor. Stories mentioned in episode 118 of Nothing Serious Podcast include: Flat Earth Conspiracy TheoriesPhoto Of Mike Pence Ignoring NASA’s Warning Sign Gets Brilliant Internet ResponseDelta Airlines Hits Back At Ann Coulter After Her Vicious Twitter Attack Over $30Atheist’s Car Vandalized With Rock That Reads “God Is Good”Bill Gates May Be a Trillionaire in 25 YearsBonus Content: Jodie Whittaker: Doctor Who’s 13th Time Lord to be a woman
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