30 minutes | May 16th 2017

Samaritans – Nothing Serious Podcast #111

What’s wrong with feeding imaginary animals imaginary food, and why is Reddit so upset by it? Should a toddler be allowed to play video games? Are Samaritan laws like the one passed in Canada recently a good idea or do they just provide an easy out for drug abusers who should otherwise be locked away? What makes a good church? Can sex be a religion? Can you worship Joe Pesci? What’s the right punishment for sexually abusing an animal? Stories mentioned in episode 111 of Nothing Serious Podcast include: Reddit wants Mojang to stop feeding imaginary birds imaginary chocolateCanada passes law which grants immunity for drug possession to those who call 911 to report an overdoseGood Samaritan Drug Overdose ActSex club posed as a church to evade the copsWoman Arrested for Shooting at Teen for Attempting to Rape Dog
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