70 minutes | Jun 4, 2021

Ernie Mariscal - Inspirational Speaker

In this episode we talk to Ernie Mariscal.  Ernie is an Inspirational Speaker, Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, and all around awesome guy.  Ernie talked about his service, and the challenges he faced during his service, as well as after leaving the Army.  Like a lot of veterans, Ernie was unsure of his next steps.  Rather serendipitously, Ernie was asked to speak at a local school.  It was then he realized that he had a love and a passion for public speaking.  We were very happy to have Ernie on the show.  His positive attitude is contagious.  This is definitely a show to share with anyone who needs a little pick me up. https://youtu.be/M5xSxKk9Fx4www.keepupthefightapparel.com @erniemariscal90 on IG
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