90 minutes | May 21, 2021

Brian Sitter -Vegas Elite Basketball Club

In this episode we talk to Brian Sitter of Vegas Elite Basketball.  Brian talks about his love of sports, and his past careers.  Brian tells us how he got involved with club basketball.  Most importantly, Brian talks about how to help young athletes grow in a way that is best for them, and not for likes on social media.  This was a truly inspirational episode.  It’s very clear that Brain truly cares about the athletes that play for him, and he genuinely cares about their future success and growth as athletes, and as young adults transitioning into a life after sports.  Everyone will be inspired and motivated by Brian, his story, and the team he has built at Vegas Elite!https://www.vegaselitebasketballclub.org@vegas_elite_hoops  IG@VegasEliteHoops twitter  @Coach_Sitter twitter @btsitter IG
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