36 minutes | Jan 23, 2020

009 – Crossing the Threshold

Even when we know the facts of climate change, we don't seem to act as if we know – that's the observation from the sociologist Kari Norgaard which starts this week's essay in the Notes From Underground series. The theatre maker Chris Goode suggests that the difficulty might be that we lack 'a living-space in which to fully know what we know'. And the similarity between these two thoughts sets us on a journey across the threshold from knowledge to knowing.It's a journey that takes in the history of written language, the persistence of indigenous ways of knowing in the face of systematic cultural destruction, and the way that modern science tangles with all of this.In Notes From Underground, Dougald Hine (co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project) invites listeners into the darkness of knowing a thing like climate change and the ways this knowledge changes us. The first six episodes of the series followed different threads into the labyrinth, starting from the new wave of awareness and activism around the climate crisis that emerged over the past eighteen months. Now, in the second part of the series, we're headed deeper into the strangeness of 'knowing what we know'.Notes From Underground is produced in collaboration with Bella Caledonia. You can support the making of this series by going to:https://www.patreon.com/dougaldSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/dougald)
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