11 minutes | Nov 21, 2019

002 – Pulling Out the Tablecloth

'The need for economic growth is a social construct, not a law of nature, but this construct is the tablecloth on which our current society has been arranged. The question we face, as the 2020s come around, is whether we can pull the tablecloth out fast enough without smashing all the plates and glasses?'In Notes From Underground, Dougald Hine (co-founder of The Dark Mountain Project) invites us to go deeper into the context of the new climate movements and what they tell us about the moment in which we find ourselves. This week's episode asks what happens when the incompatibility of economic growth and ecological viability becomes speakable in the corridors of power.Notes From Underground is a weekly series, running through the winter of 2019/20. You can read the essays at Bella Caledonia, watch them on YouTube, or listen to them as a podcast.To support the making of this work, go to Dougald's Patreon page.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/dougald)
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